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Medicinal herbs

Nepal is very rich in medicinal herbs. The succession of ecosystem is the main characteristic feature of Nepal due to its varied topographical structure and presence of lowland equal to sea level up to the highest peak of world Mt. Everest. Nepal is producing and marketing wild herbal products since long time. The herbs are collected by local people and exports both semi refined and raw forms. Nepal government has established herbal farms in various ecological envisionments. The herbs found mainly in Nepal for export purposes are: Contact us
Because of vivid geographical and topographical structure all types of ecosystem from low land up to high Himalayas are found in Nepal in a successive manner. There are found many types of floral and non-floral diversity, with high medicinal value. Thus herbal management has become necessary and vital from both points of protection and use. These herbs after processing can be exported. To take a name of few medicinal and aeromatic values plants, Acorus calamus, Centella asiatica, Vetiveria lawsonii, Cymbopogon martini, C. flexuosus, C. winterianus, Mentha arvensis etc can be named. The interested groups are requested to Contact us for further details.


 Aasparagus racemosus

Cassia cinnamomum.

Juniperus indica

Sweritia chirayita.

 Ammomum subulatum

Commiphore mukul.

Myristica fragrans

Terminalia bellerica.

 Aconitum heterothyllum

Curcuma longa.

Nardostachys grandiflora.

Terminalia chehula.

 Aconitum spicatum

Delphinium himalayai.

Picrohiza scrophulariiflora.

Tinospora cordifolia miers.

 Acorus calamus.

Dioscorea deltoidea.

Piper longum.

Tinospora sienesis.

 Aquilaria agollocha

Eclipta prostrata.

Polygonum sp.

Usnea longissima Ach.

 Amomum sabulatum. roxb

Embilica officinalis.


Valariana jatamansi.

 Artemisia subia.

Ephedra saxatilis royale.

Rauwolfia serpentina.

Wild pomegranete

 Berberis dictyophylla franch.

Gymnadenia crassinervis finet.

Rubia cordifolia L.

Zanthoxylum armatum.

 Cinamomum glaucescens.


Rhodiola sp.

 Zingiber officinale

 Cinnamomum tamala.

Heracleum lallii.

Rhododendron anthopogon.


 Cordyceps sinensis.

Hippophae tibetana

 Sassurea lappa    
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